OneFM Winter Program 2018(C)

Winter program 2018 — covering program aired in June, July and August 2018

Theme of the day: Chinese people’s practice of hongbao in Australia
Theme of the day: history of OneFM
Theme of the day: Vocational education in China, by Karen, guest of the day
Theme of the day: GV Chinese Association by Meishan, guest of the day
theme of the day: commetary on China’s vaccine safety breach crisis;
theme of the day: stock investment experience in China
THEME of the day: personal view on the environment protection movement; Movie review 《我不是药神》
Theme of the day: 1. Supermarkets no longer provide plastic bags; 2. Green movement in Chongqing, China;
Theme of the day: tragic death of a young woman Xiao Yu
Theme of the day: Eric, a 3rd grader speaking excellent Chinese. Eric’s mother tongue is German; Language learning in Shepparton
Theme of the day: 1. current issue commentary — Cui Yong Yuan and Fan Bing Bing; 2. Social traps when visiting friends and families;3. Wong Tze Wah as a person and his shows
Theme of the day: Movie The Shack
Theme of the day: Daigou, personal shopping as a business 2018年6月4日话题:代购