OneFM Spring Program 2018(2018年春季广播)(C)

The following are OneFM98.5 Mandarin programs aired September, October and November 2018. 以下是2018年9~11月OneFM98.5的中文广播节目 。

theme of the day: speaking chinese in australia; personal story of bi-lingual communication;
theme of the day: Chengdu cousine; night time driving in australia; remembering father;
Theme: what is love from a 30+ woman, in context of living in Australia, China, as well as being a married person
Theme: losing oneself when meeting one’s many family responsibilities, choosing the right person to marry
theme of the day: pets and children; hollowen decoration;
theme of the day: You Are the One show commentary;
theme of the day: chinese actress FanBingBing’s tax evasion; A personal friends story;
theme of the day: Dong Bei people;
themes of the day: violence against medical staff in china;
theme of the day: spring time and heyfever in australia; teachers’ day;
theme of the day: chinese pop music; social media use;
theme of the day: relationship with in-laws; women’s safety using car pools;
theme of the day: domestic violence