Previous committee members

We thank all the people who have dedicated their time and effort to help build this Association.

(Page being updated, as of 4 Oct 2017)

Doris Nilsen, Founder of GVCA (1999), Secretary (1999-2001), President (2001-2008, 2012), Vice-President (2013-Sept.2016)

I was born in China, grew up in Hong Kong, married and lived in Canada for six year before moved to Australia in 1980. Before retiring two years ago I had been a full time housewife, business owner, a student and a teacher.

Early in 1999 at a public multicultural meeting in Shepparton, I came to know  that there was no organization that represented the local Chinese Community. After that meeting I contacted everyone with a Chinese name in the phone book and invited them to form a representative group.   Late in 1999, with the help of an enthusiastic group, the first general meeting  took place at The Chinese Family Restaurant in Wyndham Street, and our GV Chinese Association was so established.

I held the position of Secretary in 1999-2001,  the position of President in 2001- 2008 and again in 2012, and Vice-President since 2013.

Andrew Pang, President 会长 (Nov. 2011-Sept.2016)

Andrew is an accountant at Perta Thomson Partners, Shepparton. He has been the Association’s President since 2012. He is also a board member of the Ethnic Council Shepparton and Districts.

Andrews sees the Association as a community group for the Chinese, friends of Chinese and those interested in China for the Goulburn Valley Region. The Association relies on memberships and government grants to provide networking, support and public engagement opportunites for everything Sino-ralated in the Goulburn Valley.

The Goulburn Valley Chinese Association runs a bi-monthy networking lunch for members and friends and a region wide Chinese New Year Festival.

Xiao Hua Pan, Treasurer (2013-Sept.2016)

My name is Xiao Hua Pan. I was  born in Southern China and came to Australia  after marrying my Australian husband in October 2011.

I worked as a nurse for five years  in Chinese Traditional Medicine hospital in the capital city NanNing . After my daughter was born I decided to leave my job  in nursing to study accounting. When I graduated I worked as an accountant in the Chinese Construction Bank  for fifteen years until I came to Australia .

I studied English for two years at TAFE. I also obtained  a Childcare Certificate 3 .

In  my spare time I do volunteer work  with my husband in his Rotary Club and  I am the treasurer of The Goulburn Valley Chinese Association .

Mimi Leung, Committee member (2015-Sept.2016)

Mimi was born in Hong Kong and grew up in England, studying art and design ​at Central St. Martins and the Royal College of Art ​in London before moving back to live in Hong Kong for a few years. Eventually she moved to Australia and settled in Shepparton in 2014, via a stint in the Central Australian Desert, Alice Springs and Melbourne. She is a freelance illustrator and exhibiting artist, with interests in music and writing. She currently works as Cultural Development Officer at Shepparton Art Museum.

Shira Pui-See Lam, Committee member (Sept.2016-Sept.2017)

Shira is a given name, also known as song, a Hebrew name. I am passionate about Ideas Worth Spreading. You are welcomed to talk to me “ Speading & Developing” ideas, including: Agriculture. Business and Fashion. Humour. Neurosicience. Psycho-geriatric Care. Tourism. Water. Australian Chinese Community is continually growing and developing. The real community spirit and strength of community is: We are together, we are responsible for the care and devlopment of the “Growing and Developing”.

我期盼大家, 花點時間彼此聯絡您認識的朋友。讓大家盡情分享, 討論任何話題。將這個團體變得更開闊, 聯繫更緊密。

Eddie Yuan, Committee member 理事 (Sept.2016-Sept.2017)

I came to Australia from Hong Kong. It’s been 42 years, 36 of which is in Shepparton. I lived in Sydney and Melbourne before moving to Shepparton. I felt in love with this small town. I loved the people here and it is a loving place. So I decided to make it my permanent home. I have three daughters, a son, four grand-daughters and a grand-son.

I am from a family in catering business. I used to work in the industry, too. I was happiest when seeing customers enjoying a good meal, or joining them for a drink.

I love coffee, Australian football, dance and Yoga.

As a senior member of the Association, I hope to see people coming together, happy, work together for the Association, making it better and better, and always united for common goals.

I will support the Association 100%. I am prepared to act as contact point and get the words out to other Chinese speaking people about our Association.

我从香港来澳洲已经42年了,其中36年生活在SHEPPARTON 这个小镇,从悉尼到墨尔本再到SHEPPARTON,自己很喜欢小镇的人和这个有爱的地方。决定把家常年扎到这里,现在我已经有三个女儿,一个儿子,四个孙女和三个孙子。



对一个老华人会员来说,希望大家团结,开心,合心合力把华人会搞好,有事大家商量一条心。自己和100%支持华人会的工作。 并且愿意作为外联把结识的其它地方的华人会和我们SHEPPARTON的华人会联合起来。