Christmas Celebration 10 Dec. 圣诞聚会 12月10日

Hello Everybody大家好,

The next gathering will be our end of year gathering, on 12 noon, Sunday, 10 December 2017at the usual place. See map below. 华人会下一次的聚会是12月10日,星期天,中午12点,老地方。地图见下。

We will have two main activities, in addition to the usual yummy food除了例行的美味午餐之外,我们安排了两个项目:

1. Nejat Akdere, EAL and VSL Coordinator from the Shepparton High School will give us a talk about schools in Australia and particularly merit of doing a second language subject for VCE. 三八屯高中的Nejat Akdere老师为我们讲解澳洲学校、特别是高中最后两年的VCE的课程中是否包括中文这一课的好处。

Download Speech Chinese Nejat Translated. 点击下载Speech Chinese Nejat Translated

2. A Christmas Kringle — we’ve never done this before. So it’ll be our first. Here is how to join 圣诞节礼物交换活动 – 我们从来没有玩过,所以今年会试试, 假如你想加入交换活动,以下是简单的准备工作:

  • Prepare something of no more than $5 in value. It could as little as $1 每人准备一份礼物,价值不能超过5元的。我们只是注重大家能参与而已。东西可以是非常非常便宜的,一两块钱都可以的
  • Gift-wrap it. 用礼物纸包好
  • Bring it on the day. 聚会那天带来就行啦 ??

Where to meet活动地点:

Shepparton ACE College
130 Rowe Street (behind Safeway)
Shepparton Vic 3632

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