OneFM Spring Program 2019(2019年春季广播)(C)

Complete collection of 2019 spring program (September – November 2019).


Theme: Li Zhong Sheng and his music; Also, Jasmine is back to the studio after her appearance a few months earlier
2019年11月11日话题:Jasmine返回播音室与Coco一起聊 李宗盛和他的音乐
Commentary on current issues in China — counterfeit products, long working hours; social security in Australia;
2019年10月7日话题:Observing life in China from Australia— drinking and road use etiquette, parenting practices in China vs. a western country.
2019年9月16日话题:Heyfever tips; Life reflected in Coco’s Favorited TV shows, Food
2019年9月2日话题:Living 2 cultures; Batman and its life lesson in good vs. bad; celebrity marriages