“Strengthening Social Connection” — January-November 2016

“加强社会纽带”项目 — 2016年1月至11月

office华人会得到Shepparton市府的帮助,今年要做一个小的项目,叫做”加强社会纽带”(Strengthening Social Connection). 项目的目的是希望能加强华人群体与Shepparton地区的社区之间的联系纽带。 项目具体有两个任务:

  • 建立一个中英文的双语网站,方便说华语的人们能及时有效地得到更多政府服务部门的资料,同时能以网站为中心,与华人社区的其他成员加强社会联系
  • 进行一项基本社会调查,希望能了解华人社区成员使用政府服务的程度和可能面对的困难

我们基本已经开始了网站的建立,现在正慢慢增加里面的信息量,并渐渐扩大网站的作用。接下来,我们将需要人手一起执行具体活动啦!! 以下是我们需要人帮忙的任务,各位如果可以腾出点时间的,多少不区,每天5分钟或每周一小时等等,都是非常宝贵的帮忙:

  • 搜集材料,归类
  • 撰写简单介绍 — 中文或英文都可以
  • 翻译
  • 把资料放置网站上

社会调查方面,华人会管理委员会刚刚核准了调查表的询问内容。下一步是安排如何进行调查。我们计划用两个方法: 分发调查表和组织调查小组。这个也是需要大家鼎力帮助的一环。

The GV Chinese Association has received assistance from the Shepparton City Council to do a project aimed to strengthen social connection for the Chinese community. We are tasked for two activities:

  • build an English-Chinese website and make it a place for members to access government service information, and social-networking with other members and the broader community in the Greater Shepparton area
  • conduct a survey to ascertain the current state of social connection in terms of participation and barriers of accessing government services

We have began this website and slowly building it. We have also finalized what we want to ask in the survey .

We now need all hands on deck to help carry out the next stage of two tasks!!

We are now calling for members to join us and help with:

  • gather information
  • write about gathered information
  • translation
  • publish information on this website
  • help organize and run survey groups

online, and run groups for surveying information!!! See details here.