sueSue Chen, President 会长

I first knew about the GV Chinese Association through Doris Nilsen, one of its founders who also has served as President and Vice-President at various times. It was 2001. I was new to Shepparton. With the help of the Association I got to know a lot of locals pretty quickly. That helped me a lot in making a home and settle in this part of the world. Since then the benefit of being a member of the Association continues. One big fortunate is getting to know a group of special people who work tirelessly for the management committee, and a core group of devoted members who are always ready to lend a hand for all activities. I joined the management Committee in 2014.

I thank my community for an opportunity to serve for the Association. I see that the Association, in addition to being a custodian of Chinese cultural heritage, could also play a role in facilitating members’ participation in the social and business activities in the wider community in Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley region.

I am a Shepparton resident for 15 years. I am a professional translator. I graduated in Master of Public Policy and Management in 2014. I also manage the Association’s website.

Phone: 0428 544 226; Email: my name in one word at ‘gvchinese.org.au’. Alternatively, use our Contact form.


联系电话:0428 544 226; 微信号:1330 5533 72.


MeishanhatMeishan Lin, Vice-President 副会长

My name is Li Lin. Some friends call me Meishan.  I have been in Australia for four years.  I have a big family in China. I was a Sales manager in China more than 15 years ago. My best friend introduced me to Graham. He is an Australian man. We like living in Shepparton and we have many good friends here. Australia day is our Anniversary day.

I don’t have children of my own. My husband’s family are very kind and lovely to me. My family always asks me what happens in Australia and how my life is; they have some worries, because Australia is a different country and we are too far away from them, but now they feel better. I was working in the kitchen at the local RSL club; I enjoyed working with other people from different countries and learning more about their cultures.

In Australia there is usually a beautiful sky and nice weather; a lot of good quality natural food. Shepparton has lots new and fresh fruit for local people. I was learning English at TAFE College. English class is interesting and all the teachers are kind and affable with students.

My husband with I go to Melbourne for shopping and watching football sometimes; we are happy with each other and help each other. We always have a joke and laugh with each other.

I am very happy living in Australia. I now cherish life with my husband. We are both improving our second languages, and have interesting things to do. Important things are we need look after ourselves and maintain our bodies well. Also we are both happy to help other people if we can.


联系电话:0401971951; 微信号:meishan 13904083861.


Graham n meishanGraham Watson (with Mrs Watson), Secretary 秘书长

I am Secretary/Public Officer of the Association. My aim in taking on this role was to provide training and skills to other members of the group to take on committee roles in the longer term.

I work part-time as I bide time until retirement in 2 or 3 years. I am tenancy manager for independent aged care units in Shepparton, Benalla and Euroa, managed by Wintringham Housing, but better known as the “Miller Homes”.

I am interested in Chinese culture, sports, especially AFL football and cricket, movies and playing around fixing friends’ computers when they don’t work the way they should.



CharliechanCharlie Chan, Treasure 财长

I was born in Malaysia and came to Australia in 1979. A friend I met in Saudi Arabia recommended me to work as a chef in a restaurant in Traralgon, where I was sponsored.  Following this, I worked in a range of other restaurants based in Bendigo, Falls Creek, Shepparton and Melbourne.

In 1984, I moved back to Shepparton to establish my own restaurant, called Goulburn Valley Chinese Restaurant. I acquired another café/restaurant at a Ten Pin Bowling Alley in Shepparton in 1986. In 1986, I invited my wife, Ling to come to Australia and we married in 1987. Shortly after, we had our two children named Ewan and Alysse.

After a spell from being a restaurateur, I took on the position as Treasurer of the Goulburn Valley Chinese Fellowship Group for two years. In the year 2000, I moved to Cobram with my family and worked in our successful restaurant within Cobram Hotel for 10 years. In 2010, I was the Worshipful Master of Cobram Lodge Freemasons. During this time, I was involved in fundraising for the GV Health/Freemasons Oncology Centre in Shepparton which provides patients with cancer with treatment.

I recently moved back to Shepparton and retired from working in the restaurant line. I enjoy playing golf, badminton and gardening in my spare time.

As someone who has experienced moving to Australia first-hand, I am interested in helping new migrants settle into the Goulburn Valley district as well as form connections with the existing Chinese community.


everlynEverlyn Andersen, Committee member 理事

Evelyn Anderson (maiden name Siew Lan WONG)

Born in Singapore in 1956, came to Melbourne Vic Australia in 1981.  Lives in Melbourne 1981 to 1989, Administration Assistant, Minenco Engineering Pty Ltd.

From 1989 to 1998 dairy farmer in Katandra North.

1999 – 2000 Study at GOTafe in Business Administration and Commercial Cookery

2000 – 2002 – Administration Assistant – Ethnic Council of Shepparton

2002 – 2009 – Administration Officer – Shepparton Adult & Community Education

2000 – 2007 Goulburn Valley Chinese Association (Committee of Management – Secretary)

2000 – present Faith Church INC (Committee member/leader)

2008 – 2009 Goulburn Valley Chinese Association (Committee of Management – President)

2007- 2009 Ethnic Council of Shepparton (Committee of Management – committee member)

2008 – Fairley Leadership Program Graduand

2009 to present – Yiche Restaurant (Director/Owner)

2015 – Goulburn Valley Chinese Association (Committee Member)

Having worked in the community sector in the past has given me the passion to make myself available in some volunteer works and making a difference in our community.


everlynVincent Chan, Committee member 理事

I am from Malaysia. I have been in catering business for over 35 years. I first settled in a small town called Nathalia, for three years. Then I moved to Shepparton and have lived there for over 30 years. My wife Cindy and I have three beautiful daughters. Cindy and I are long time GVCA members. We like helping people whenever we can and whenever we are needed.

I like Chinese history shows. I also follow news reports on the Chinese speaking community.

I am also a golf club member for a long time. I once tried to initiate golf group for Chinese speaking kids. It did not work out. On weekends I would play snookers with friends, visit our daughters in Melbourne and enjoy their company and have great family times. My daughters cannot speak Chinese unfortunately.

I remember very well the very first activity organised by GVCA. It was a great success. Lots of people came. I will never forget it.

My hope for the Chinese Association is for it to help bring Chinese people together and for the Chinese community to grow bigger and bigger.

我来自于马来西亚,从事餐馆三十五年,最早到了一个小镇NATHALIA生活了三年,在SHEPPARTON已经生活了三十多年,我有三个可爱懂事的女儿,我和妻子CINDY 一直是华人会的老会员,我们都喜欢能够力所能及的帮助人,当他们需要帮助时候…


周末的时候与老朋友打打桌球,大部分周末的时候时常去墨尔本和女儿们相聚一下享受受下家人团聚的天伦之乐 。女儿们不懂中文是我们的唯一的遗憾。

记得华人会开始第一次的华人聚会,那次很成功,人气也很旺。记忆很深的一次, 我对新的华人会的期望就是SHEPPARTON 的华人能够团结一起,华人会员越来越多。


everlynBill Chu, Committee member 理事

I came to Australia in 1970. I am from Guangdong, China. Large number of people in the area chose to migrant somewhere at the time due to the Vietnam war and the economic depression in Hong Kong. I travelled to Australia from Guangdong. I got to New South Wales, then lived in Melbourne. Then I moved to Shepparton. I love life in small towns better than that in a big city.

I worked in catering industry before retiring. I have been a staunch supporter of the Chinese Association ever since it was established, and of development of Chinese communities in Australia. I have seen a lot in the last two decades and witnessed development stages of the Chinese communities in Australia.

I love classical music, travelling and watching tennis. I also like reading news from China on WeChat.

My hope for our Association is: promote Chinese culture, facilitate communication among community members. I love the Association for its role providing a meeting place for community members. I am confident that the new Committee will do lots of good. I am hopeful that we will work together well and achieve a lot. We will win the respect from the Local Council and other community groups.

我来自1970年于广东,因为越南的战役和香港的经济萧条,大部分广东人选择移民。所以我从广东来到澳洲。曾经从New South Wales 然后到墨尔本, 再搬迁到Shepparton , 比起繁华的大城市我更喜欢在小镇生活。


我的兴趣爱好喜欢古典音乐,旅游和观看网球比赛。 也喜欢看微博的关于中国的新闻大事,

我对华人会的期望: 多多弘扬中国文化,华人间多沟通,同时欣赏教会的方式聚集人气,非常看好新的华人组织成员,希望新的华人组织能够团结,大家一起齐心合力把华人会的事情做好,赢得当地政府和其它组织的尊重,做出自己的贡献。


Daniel Lim, Committee member 理事

Hello everyone! I am from Malaysia. I have lived in Shepparton for 10 years. I have been working on farms. I love meeting people and making friends. I join the GVCA so i can work with everyone and organize lots of interesting activities. I believe that by participating the organization and its activities, I become a better person while making a difference for others. GVCA is like a big family, — warm, friendly and helpful. People receive help and enjoyment via helping others. I look forward to such enjoyment. I also believe I am able to contribute to the Big Family. I have always enjoyed volunteering for my local communities. I am experienced in community works. I will work with dedication to ‘helping the Chinese community in every way I can’ and be an pro-active participant in all GVCA activities. I welcome the opportunity of volunteering for our community. I am bringing my friendliness and enthusiasm to this group and work for its solidarity. Let my social conscience be the beginning of a journey back to youth.

大家好!我是来自马来西亚的Daniel 林。在这住十来年,从事農业,打工的我,喜欢广泛交友,平时也很喜欢参加各种活动。加入华人会,想和大家一起努力,策划出更多丰富多彩的活动,并且通过这些活动真正的达到完善自己,辐射他人的目的。华人会对我来说是一个洋溢着爱心与热情的大家庭,从这里,每个人都能得到帮助他人的乐趣和凝聚力。 我向往这种乐趣,也相信自己有能力创造出这份乐趣。因为我还有一颗爱心,我曾是我们当地的一名义工经常参加各种志愿活动,有着小许经验来服务。 我定会秉承“全心全意为华人会服务”的宗旨,锐意进取,积极而有效地来开展各项工作。希望能够在这个从事志愿服务的机会,我非常想带着我的热情加入华人会这个团结友爱的集体!!让我用“奉献点亮青春”!谢谢!!

(Chinese text: Meishan; English: Sue)

(Last updated: 7 April 2018)