Pssst… first look of all prices for the raffle

We spent days wrapping up all prices for the big day. Finally got them through this afternoon. Good luck to all with the raffle. See you all there. Door sales RAFFLE tickets, $2 per ticket, $5 for 3 tickets and the chance of winning is in your hand! See you on 17 Feb 2019, Sunday […]

Coloring Competition Results are out

We completed the competition judging today. Winners will be announced on the 17th Feb at the Chinese New Year Celebration. Our big thanks to all for participating in this activity.


三八屯Village Cinema 8月24日周五晚7时 门券已开始发售 现场购票或网购

Year of Dog Celebration

辞旧灵鸡歌日丽 迎新瑞犬报年丰 When时间: 18th Feb 2018, 12pm 2018年2月18日 Where地点: Victoria Lake 三八屯的维多利亚湖湖边 Address地址: 536 Wyndham Street, Shepparton, VIC 3630 (see map below地图见下) What节目: Barbecue, red envelope for kids, meet new friends — 烧烤、儿童红包、认识新朋友,又见老朋友?? Cost费用: Bring your own plate. We provide barbecue there and some meat.  请各位自己带点食物。现场有烧烤炉,我们也备有烧烤的肉。  

欢言笑語贺圣诞 – 礼物情浓盼新年 – 圣诞聚会报告

We had a very informative seminar by Nejat from Shepparton High School. We now know that learning a second language and taking a 2nd language subject starting from primary school through to high school could help cementing a better position to secure higher ATAR score eventually. “As a result of government policy to encourage the […]

Christmas Celebration 10 Dec. 圣诞聚会 12月10日

Hello Everybody大家好, The next gathering will be our end of year gathering, on 12 noon, Sunday, 10 December 2017at the usual place. See map below. 华人会下一次的聚会是12月10日,星期天,中午12点,老地方。地图见下。 We will have two main activities, in addition to the usual yummy food除了例行的美味午餐之外,我们安排了两个项目: 1. Nejat Akdere, EAL and VSL Coordinator from the Shepparton High School will give us a […]

2nd Dumpling Day 第二届饺子宴

Just to share some photos of our second Dumpling Day. Best among them are the ones taken by Shepparton News.我们整理了一些上个月饺子宴的相片,包括Shepparton News采访我们时拍的。 We also thank Maureen and Eddie doing the photo duty of the day ??. 非常感谢美智和Eddie那天为我们的大会担当摄影记录员?? We also thank Yiche Restaurant for our use of their kitchen in preparation for the big day. 再次多谢一起餐馆腾出他们的厨房给我们用 We […]

Screening in Shepp – Best of Melbourne International Animation Festival

大家好。有个好消息。 咱们三八屯的本地艺术家、来自香港的 Mimi Leung 在十月份将主持一系列和动画片有关的活动 — 分几个部分上映一系列动画影片,是从中挑选出来的特别系列。 日期:是10月7日,星期六 地点:Harder Auditorium GOTAFE, Fryers Street, Shepparton 活动/时间:有多个不同时间的环节: 10.30am – 11.30am: 免费儿童节目,放映来自世界不同各地的适合一家大小看的动画. 4.30pm – 6pm: 《墨尔本国家动画节》的最佳作品,15岁一下人士免费入场. 9pm – 10.30pm: 深夜诡秘 离奇、与众不同、独树一帜风格的、成人幽默等作品,直接待18岁以上观众 Hello everyone, Great news! Shepparton artist Cantonese-speaking Mimi Leung is hosting a few Shepparton events in October, showcasing a special selection of the Melbourne Animation Festival. Here […]

2nd Dumpling Party 华人会饺子宴第二届

第二届华人美食会又要举行啦。感谢我们当中的美食好手,今年我们将会加多几个品种。 欢迎大家踊跃出席。 日期: 2017年10月1日中午 地点: Sir Ian McLennan Sports Centre, Joyce Reid Dr off Echuca Rd, Mooroopna。 售票地点: 1. Yiche Restaurant, 77 McLennan St, Mooroopna 2. King City Restaurant, 167 Corio St, Shepparton 3. Marshall’s Cornor Café, 87 Wyndham St, Shepparton 4. Knight St Milk Bar, cnr Knight & Harold, Shepparton Our dumpling feast is […]


大家好。 一眨眼,新年过后两个月了。下周的星期天(4月30日)又是华人会大家见面的时间了。 和往常一样,这是个好机会让大家互相见见面,聊聊天。 本月聚会中心是欢迎新、旧业主们来向大家介绍你们的新开服务、生意、或任何服务社区的项目。 星期天见! 聚会地址: 130 Rowe St., Shepparton, Adult & Community Education Center